A New Era of Water Filtration.

RO membranes works up to 3000 PPM* TDS Level which ensures purification even under Extreme conditions. These Heavy Duty RO membranes Dow Aqualast are made in the USA, are untouched by hand and are made with best-in-class filtration material. Needless to say, they make Faber water ROs the best water purification devices in the Indian market.

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Best in-class Features

Storage Tank 10 Liters
Pump 1.6 LPM
Total Stages of Purification 9
Stage 1 (External Filter) Sediment Filter - 1 (20 micron)
Stage 2 Sediment Filter - 2 (5 micron)
Stage 3 Pre Carbon Filter
Stage 4 RO Membrane - Aqualast DOW 75 GPD, NSF-58 Approved
Stage 5 Post Carbon Filter
Stage 6 MAT Filter (with Post Carbon)
Stage 7 Mineral Filter
Stage 8 UF Membrane
Stage 9 UV Filter
Water Level Indicator Available
Body - Back Plate Colors Black - Black

*Purification standards mentioned are under standard working conditions mentioned by company.

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