Bright LED Indicator.

Just like the water it produces, the Faber Aquatron is purely transparent about its functioning. That's why, the bright LED Indicator placed at on the face lets you know when the tank is full and when it is in the process of purification.

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Best in-class Features

Usage Limit for Input TDS2500* ppm
Filtration Capacity> 9 LPH @25°C, 20 PSI , TDS 750 PPM
Water Storage capacity9 Ltrs (Germ Block)
RO Booster Pump (As per NSF Standards)1.1 LPM
Stages of Purification6 Stages + Germ Block
External Pre-filter 
Sediment Plus Filter -1 (20 Micron)20 Mircon (External)
Sediment Plus Filter -25 Micron
RO Membrane (TFC RO memberane)50GPD, DOW Make (Made In USA)
Pre- Carbon Filter (GAC (Granular Activated Carbon))Yes
Post- Carbon/ MAT Filter (GAC, Copper Impregnated)Yes (CU Guard)
UV Filter(Yes (6"), Make 4W )-
Average life of various filters and resinsSediment Filters (5 & 20 Microns) - 6 Months, Pre Carbon Filter - 6 Months, RO Membrane - 12 Months, Post Carbon - 12 Months,
User interface (Tank Full Lighting )Yes
Tank Lighting (Machine ON/OFF)Yes

*Purification standards mentioned are under standard working conditions mentioned by company.

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